Buffers USA: The Intermodal Twistlock Specialists
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The Intermodal Twistlock Specialists
A 30-Year History of Twistlock, Pinlock and Bolster End Cap Casting Design & Manufacturing: Our reputation and success is built on our commitment to the quality and expanding range of our product line. Offering Both Standard and Innovative Twistlock Designs: Not only do we supply every industry-standard design, we are also an innovator of many new and unique designs. Some for individual customers’ special applications.
Innovative Twistlock Designs That Help Solve Industry Problems: Our custom-designed Height-Adjustable Twistlock helps overcome the camber on aluminum flatbed trailers so containers can be loaded and transported on flatbeds. A Responsive, Fully Stocked, International Distribution Network: Buffers USA has demonstrated time and time again our ability to ship the larger twistlock quantities OEMs need to meet their most demanding manufacturing schedules.
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Established in 1989, Buffers USA designs, manufactures and distributes products for the international intermodal transportation industry. Today, we offer more than 6,500 part numbers and carry over 2.5 million parts at any given time in our four warehouses across the United States. Buffers USA’s product lines include ship lashing, container, trailer and chassis parts, chassis twistlocks and pinlocks, cargo control for trucks and flatbeds, thermal bulkheads, anti-theft products for containers, and packaging and cargo handling products for warehouse operations. Our innovative desiccant/moisture control products help further protect cargo and packaging inside shipping containers. Securing Your Containers. Protecting Your Cargo. At Sea. Over Land. On Rail.™ • 904.696.0010 • sales@buffersusa.com E-mail our Sales Team Contacts & Locations